1. Do I have to sign up?

No, you do not have to sign up to anything or create an account to be able to read my story.

2. How can I find the chapters?

If you’re a desktop user you can:

— You’ll see Beauty From Pain on the menu bar.

– Hover your mouse over it and a drop down would appear.

– Click on the chapter you want to read.

For mobile users:

– Click the menu button and the drop down will appear.

– Click on the chapter you want to read.

3. Ano ang passwords para sa password protected chapters?

It’s right on the first post of Beauty From Pain. Click niyo lang ang link doon.

4. Paano ko malalaman kapag nag-update ka na?

I will still be updating on my wattpad account. I will post the links to the updated chapters on the external link.

5. Will you be transferring all your stories to this site?

No, just this and other stories that doesn’t comply with Wattpad’s content guidelines. Plano ko din ilipat dito ang SWMR since all the chapters are private on Wattpad.

6. Are you leaving Wattpad?




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