1. Do I have to sign up?

No, you do not have to sign up to anything or create an account to be able to read my story.

2. How can I find the chapters?

If you’re a desktop user you can:

— You’ll see Beauty From Pain on the menu bar.

– Hover your mouse over it and a drop down would appear.

– Click on the chapter you want to read.

For mobile users:

– Click the menu button and the drop down will appear.

– Click on the chapter you want to read.

3. Ano ang passwords para sa password protected chapters?

It’s right on the first post of Beauty From Pain. Click niyo lang ang link doon.

4. Paano ko malalaman kapag nag-update ka na?

I will still be updating on my wattpad account. I will post the links to the updated chapters on the external link.

5. Will you be transferring all your stories to this site?

No, just this and other stories that doesn’t comply with Wattpad’s content guidelines. Plano ko din ilipat dito ang SWMR since all the chapters are private on Wattpad.

6. Are you leaving Wattpad?




39 thoughts on “

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  2. Pano po ienter ungbpasswird I tried bfp3 for chap 3 kaso ayaw pa din…pahelp naman po….


  3. The story was indeed GREAT! As a psychology major, I love the story, lalo na si Callum. I love the plot but masyadong senstive ang topic. (rape, treatment, psychology, BDSM, eh, but dahil na din mga yan nahuli ang curiosity ko, “like how/what intervention would she use?” “A client can’t have intimate feelings with the counselor and v/v, but they got married, what will gonna happen with his life?” And many more)
    The therapy used, medjo hindi tayo sure if applicable ba talaga in other rape cases, since yung therapy ginamit can develop a Paraphilic Disorder. Now I understand why Wattpad didn’t allow this story to be posted, but I spend one day just to finish reading this book because I tell you, it’s worth it!


  4. Grabe author this story left me with a broken heart lalo na nung scene na parang naghahabilin na si Callum,I really shed so many tears kapag naaalala ko pa yun.This story might not leave most of us satisfied and did not turn the way we wanted to,but we just wanted you to know that we really loved it.And for that,I thank you author. I’m looking forward for your other stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Come to think of it?? Hindi lang naman si callum may kasalanan nito ehh.. 😭😭
    May kasalanan din dito si Tiffany at nick 😏 San bato nag simula diba kay nick rin? Nabulag lang si callum dahil sa pamamahal nya para sa ate niya kasi sa tanang buhay nya ate lang ang kakampi sa lahat, kaya nya nagawa yun diba? pero I think pinagsisihan nya na lahat ng yun, masabi ko na ang pag mamahal nya kay Audrey at arthur mababasa mo talaga ang senseridad. Ginagawa nya lahat para unti unti mawala ang masasakit na nakaraan Ni Audrey 😭 at pinagsisihan nya nayun. Nabulag lang din si Tiffany sa pagmamahal nya para kay nick may nasabi siguro sya kay callum at raven na gawa gawa nya lang kaya nag kagulo. 😒 Ito naman si nick ang babaero kasi eyy yan tuloy kay Audrey napunta ang karma lahat ng sakit na nabigay nya kay Tiffany at lalong lalo na Kay Cassie napunta sa anak at apo nya 😭😭
    Be fair enough guys ok wag niyung isisi kay callum ang lahat hindi lang si Callum ang may kasalanan nito mga te 😎

    History repeat itself ika nga nila😏
    Nice story author I salute you 😘 happy ending sana ito katulad ng Kay nick at Cassie 😊 God bless author more update to comeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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    1. I dont think Nick is the one who should be blamed. Kung may dapat mang sisihin c tifany lang. Kahit babaero si Nick, he turned out to be a loyal husband to Cassie.. Kung nabasa mo ang buong storya ni Nick at Coco, you will know how great a father he is.. And yeah, tama ka pinagsisihan na ni Callum ang ginawa niya, and it is not justifiable na ganun ang ginawa ni Nick. Pero masisisi mo ba ang isang ama na gawin yun sa taong naging dulot nang pagkasira ng dignidad ng anak niya.? A fathers are not perfect but it is their love that is beyond perfection..
      Pero magkatulad tayo ng gusto Sana May HAPPY ENDING..hehe


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