Beauty From Pain

When there’s no line between pleasure and pain…


Some chapters (3, 4, 12, 26) are password protected due to sensitive content. Click on this link to see the passwords:Β


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47 thoughts on “Beauty From Pain

  1. hi po miss rain…
    npakasakit pa sa damdamin bakit mo pinatay mo c Dr Daddy na napatawad nmn xa ni audry… grabi po ang luha ko sa story ni callum and audry
    pero kahit hindi cla happy ending ni dr.daddy saludo prin ako sayo ang galing nyo pong magsulat… god bless you po…..πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“


  2. Sana si Callum ung bago nilang driver. I like him. Pero nakakainis ung ni-rape nila si Audrey. But it’s good thing na pinakasalan nya, and bad kasi nagpakamatay sya. Pero I have the hopes na hindi talaga sya patay eh. πŸ’•

    Rain, you’re a really great author! 😘


  3. Maybe in this lifetime, he wasn’t meant to be in my life. Maybe we couldn’t have forever together, but I would still keep in my heart the beautiful things we did have with me for the rest of my life.

    Ang sakit. Na heartbroken na naman ako ng isa sa mga sinubaybayan kong Stories. Huhuhu. . Paano magmove on? Hindi ko po lubos maisip na hanggang doon na lang yung pag-ibig ni Cal at Aud. . Feeling ko they deserve for another Chance. Though, marami ang hahadlang. Pero kasi angsakit lang talaga malaman na After ng lahat ng pinagdaanan nila. Magwawakas sila sa Ganung ending.

    Alam ko na Masaya si Audrey sa buhay niya. Hindi ko pa din maiwasan na Hindi talaga Masaktan </3

    All in All. Ang Galing mo Miss Rain! I salute you for these. Hindi lang dito. Keep it up! :*



  4. “There’s so many things I still want to do with you and Arthur. So many more sunsets I would love to see and sunrise to sleep through. But I fucked up in this life. I fucked up so bad. If I had to live my life again and know that I’d meet you, I’d do everything differently. Next time I’d find you sooner so that I could love you longer. Do you think maybe we’d make it right the next time around?” Hope lingered in his eyes.”…these lines kept me hoping that book 2 will come very soon…


  5. I was actually relieved to know that I can still read the continuation of BFP. Glad to know that you really posted a hint on wattpad so that we will know that you posted it here in WordPress. Thank you for your wonderful works Ms. Rain. I’ll be looking forward for the update in the story of Miguel and Saskia. More power! I’m a great fan.

    -Marice Anuta


  6. Thanks Author…. this chap is really heartbreaking… minsan kasi at the peak of our anger, we become unreasonable. REason why Audrey already forgiven Callum kasi na pacify na ung anger niya after a while… and I know andoon pa rin ung love niya para kay Callum… REason why Phoenix become unreasonable also because he become like Callum once in his life.. after he rape Cass and Cass need to see Phoenix, di ba hindi naman niya ni treat ng tama si Cass. Binaboy niya rin si Cass nung hindi pa alam ni Phoenix na may anak sila na si Miggy. Sometimes kasi ung kasalanan natin hindi natin basta basta ma admit sa sarili natin.. once makita natin na ginawa rin ng ibang tao ung klase ng kasalanan na ginawa natin, it’s easy for us to revenge back to that person who do the same mistake as what we do before. Maraming learnings and story mo author… I really salute you for this. But I am hoping to have a happy ending for Audrey and Arthur.. also for Callum who never experienced to be loved by his family.


    1. Shet! Just started reading this and I came here to look for the password and read your comment. Parang ayoko na tuloy ituloy huhuhu

      If si Callum was her rapist but then you mentioned Arthur… yoko huhuhu


  7. Thank u for the effort you’ve done for us to continually read ur story..another great story for me.i hope everyone in this story find forgiveness,peace and happiness they longed for.a story worth reading repeatedly.Looking forward for the continuation of Mig’s story in Lipstick Lullaby.Again thank u.


  8. I really adore you author…this the best so far though napakasakit s heart….feeling ko Hanggang pagtulog dala ko to….sana as ending…lahat cla…find peace in their hearts, forgive who asks of it…justice served fairly. ( pro in reality….malabo yun…)


  9. Kaya po pala hanap ako nang hanap,, di ko makita sa wattpad , noremoved ko po kasi nagkakagulogulo ung pagkakasunod nang chapters,, nadownload po ba ito??


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