Chapter Thirty Three

“Dr. Daddy, fasteeeeeerrrr!” He laughed as Callum pushed him on the back of his bicycle. I couldn’t help but let out a giggle as I watched the two. They looked so happy together. Para talaga silang mag-ama. But then again, he was the father of my son now. I didn’t want to think of Arthur as the child of the man who’d abused me. Anak namin siya ni Callum.

“Not too fast, Cal. Baka mahulog si Arthur.” I reminded.

“We’ve too slow down. Mommy’s getting worried.” Callum slow the bicycle down and tried to catch his breath.

“We’ll be careful.” Sabi ni Arthur.

“Kahit na. Mamaya na nga kayo magbike. Kita mo, hingal na hingal na si Dr. Daddy mo kakapush sa’yo. Uminom muna kayo ng juice at papalitan ko na yang damit mo. Pawis na kayong dalawa kalalaro.” I told them.

I was loving being a mother to Arthur. With Mama and Daddy’s help, hindi nahirapan si Arthur na kilalanin ako bilang ina niya. Mama and Dad explained to him everything in a way that a child would understand even before. They never lied to him so it was easier for him to accept that I was his mother. He still knew that we were one family. That we were all his family and that we loved him so much.

Arthur pedal his way towards me as Callum walked beside him. He jumped out of his bike and came running towards me. I caught him in my arm and kissed him on the lips.

“Amoy pawis na ang baby natin.” I playfully wrinkled my nose.

“Let me get a sniff.” Callum buried his face into his neck and Arthur giggled. “Hindi naman. Our musician still smells like a baby.”

“Baka si Dr. Daddy yung amoy pawis.” I laughed.

“Ako ba yun? Why don’t you smell me?” He leaned over to us. “Come on, smell me.”

And we did, we buried our faces in his neck.

I jokingly scrunched my nose. “It is Dr. Daddy!”

Callum pulled me against his body, squeezing our son in between us.

“YUCK! Dr. Daddy, you’re rubbing your sweat all over us!” Natatawang sabi ko.

“I know! Mommy, can we take a shower here in the backyard?” Sabi ni Arthur.

“Shower? Here? How?” I asked.

“The sprinklers!” He pointed at the sprinklers on the grass. “Can we turn it on?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Sabi naman ni Callum.

“Turn it on, Dr. Daddy, so it will feel like it’s raining.” He demanded.

“Can we, Mommy?” Callum batted his lashes at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Okay pero sandali lang. Maligo kayo na kayo after, okay?”

“Okay!” They answered, almost in chorus.

They turned on the water sprinkler. Tuwang-tuwa ang dalawa habang nagtatampisaw sa tubig na nagmumula sa sprinkler. I just smiled and shook my head as I watched my two boys. I didn’t think I could be any more happier than this. Arthur brought me back to the purest place in my heart, where my hopes were. Lahat ng sakit at paghihirap na natamasan ko noon, nawala iyon dahil sa kanya. What was taken from me was given back in his form.

“Mommy needs a shower too.” I saw Callum running towards me.

My eyes widened, knowing what he was planning to do. He caught me in his arms before I could even run away and brought me to the sprinklers. Our son laughed even harder when the water soaked my dress.

“Cal!” I whined, laughing.

“You need to take a shower too.” Arthur giggled.

“Kayo talaga ng Daddy mo, palagi niyo kong pinagtutulungan.” I pinched his tiny button nose.

We ended up playing tag, still with the water sprinklers on. Pero hindi ko din sila pinagtagal. Baka kasi matuyuan si Arthur at magkasakit pa kaya huminto na kami.

“I hate to ruin your fun but we have to go inside.” Sabi ko.

“But I still want to play.” He complained.

“We’ll inside. You might catch a cold if you don’t take a bath. And look at you and Dr. Daddy, you’re all muddy and dirty.” I said.

“Come on, Art. We’ll take a bath and then we’ll play the guitar. How does that sound?” Callum picked him up in his arms.

“Tomorrow we’ll do this again?” He pouted.

“Tomorrow we’ll buy a kite and we’ll fly it, okay?” Cal smiled at him.

“Okay!” His mood lifted.

We finally convinced him to go in and have his bath. Callum and him took a bath together and I took a bath after them. When I got out of the shower, the two were already in the living room, playing their guitar.

Tumulong ako sa kusina para mapaghanda ng makakain ang mag-ama ko. Oo, mag-ama ko sila. I was owning it now just like how Callum owned Arthur and treated him as his. Para sa akin si Callum ang ama niya at wala nang iba. He may not be Arthur’s biological father but I could feel the love he had for Arthur.

I went to the kitchen to make them their lunch. I was busy making sandwiches for them when Mama walked in.

“Do you want chicken sandwich, Ma?” I asked her.

“No, thank you. I already had my lunch with your Dad outside.” She smiled.

“Arthur and Callum have been playing all day. Hindi ko alam kung saan nila akukuha ang energy nila. You won’t believe how much of a handful they are. Kanina ba naman binuksan ang sprinklers at naligo sa labas. It’s crazy having two boys.” Natatawang kwento ko.

“Oh, I know believe me. I raised four boys myself.” Mama chuckled.

My gaze lifted to Mama and my eyes softened. “Ma, thank you for taking care of Arthur. Kayo ni Dad. You raised him to be a good kid. Despite how I treated him before, he didn’t hate me. Tinanggap pa rin niya ako bilang Mommy niya. And Mama, I want to thank you and Dad for giving me a chance to be a mother to him.”

“Your Dad and I are happy for you and Arthur. Noon pa man, hinanda na namin siya para pag dumating ang araw na magawa mo siyang tanggapin hindi niya siya maguguluhan. We knew this day would come, Drey. We knew you’d open yourself up again. You’ve always had a pure heart. Alam kong nabalutan lang ng takot at galit ang puso mo kaya nahirapan kang maramdaman ang pagmamahal mo para kay Arthur.” She gently said.

“I know thank you will never be enough for what you and Dad did for me and Arthur. But thank you, Ma. Thank you.” I threw my arms around her.

“Just love him, Drey. Ikaw na ikaw siya noong bata pa siya. Napaka-sweet at lambing.” She rubbed my back.

“I will.” I said, as we pulled away from the hug.

Mama cupped my face and kissed me on the forehead. “I’m happy that you found love and peace through Arthur and Callum. This is what I’ve been praying for for so long. You deserve this, Drey. You deserve nothing but love and peace of mind. I want to see you build your own family with Callum and have more children.”

I nodded my head.

“Nakapag-usap na ba kayo ni Callum tungkol dito? Ano na ang plano niyo ngayon? Are you going to go back to California? Are you going to take Arthur with you?” She asked, biting her bottom lip. Mama’s voice trembled, probably to the thought of losing Arthur.

“Cal wants to adopt Arthur. He wants him to have his name. Iyon pa lang ang napapag-usapan namin. But Ma, I want to stay here for good. I don’t want to take Arthur away from you and Dad. I know how much you love him.”

“No, don’t worry about me and your Dad. We’ll be fine. Do what you think is best for you and your family.”

“Malulungkot din si Arthur kapag nalayo siya sa inyo.”

“Sanayin niyo ang bata na kayo ang palaging makasama. Let him recognize you as his parents. He’ll eventually get used to you and Callum. Unt-untiin niyo lang.”

“Maybe we’ll move in to a house near here. Parang sina Coco at Anais. Para kapag namimiss niya kayo, malapit lang kayo at mapupuntahan niya.” I said.

Ma stroked my hair, her eyes getting misty with tears. “You don’t know how happy and proud of you I am. You’re not just surviving anymore, you’re living again. Your Dad and I promise you’ll get the justice you deserve. Your Dad and brothers are all working with the police. Lahat kami walang ginusto kung hindi mamuhay ka ng payapa at walang takot sa dibdib. I know that day will come soon. I can feel it…”

“Thank you, Mama.” I relaxed my body against her as tears began to seep from my eyes too.

“I’m going sleep with Mama and Daddy tonight.” Arthur said as I was putting his pajama on.

“You’re not going to sleep with Dr. Daddy and Mommy tonight?” Cal rested his head on my shoulder, his arms encircling my waist.

“Just tonight because I miss sleeping with Mama and Daddy.” He said.

“Okay.” Callum arched his brow. “I guess I’ll have Mommy all to myself tonight. What do you want? A baby sister or a baby brother?”

“CAL!” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m just asking.” He chuckled gingerly.

“I want an iguana.” Arthur answered.

“An iguana?” I giggled.

“Yeah, we have an iguana pet in our class and I want my own.” He said.

“Okay, maybe next week we’ll get you a pet iguana. You are a simple little guy, aren’t you?” Callum stroked the little one’s dark hair. “You don’t want to be a Kuya yet?”

“I want to be a Kuya.” He smiled.

“You’re going to help take care of your little sister or brother?” I stroked his hair.

“Yeah!” He enthusiastically answered.

“You’re going to have brothers and sisters that will look as cute as you really soon because we’ll start making one tonight.” Cal grinned.

I turned my head to him and gave him a warning glare.

“How? What are you going to make the baby with?” He confusingly asked.

Callum’s laughter filled the whole room. He bent down to give our son a kiss on the forehead. “You’ll know when your old enough.”

Arthur yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Let’s get you to bed. Ihahatid na kita kina Mama.” Aya ko sa kanya.

“Well, someone’s a bit excited tonight.” Callum arched a playful brow.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Feeling mo!”

“Come here, give Dr. Daddy a hug and lots of kisses.” He scooted over to the edge of the bed and lifted him up to sit on his lap. Arthur gave him a hug and kisses all over his face and Cal ended it with a goodnight kiss on his lips.

Naiingit ako. I took him in my arms and started giving him sniff kisses all over his neck. He laughed a heart laugh.

“Bakit si Dr. Daddy lang ang may hugs at kisses?” I asked.

“I’ll… give… you hugs… and kisses toooooo!” He said in between his laughters, tickled with my kisses on his neck.

I stopped giving him tickle kisses and he hugged and kissed me too.

“Don’t you want me to read you Curious George before you go to Mama and Dad?” I asked him.

“I left it in their room. Daddy’s going to read it for me.” He said.

“Okay, one last kiss?” I puckered my lips.

He gave me a peck. Callum and I brought him to Mama and Daddy’s room and then we headed back to ours. This was the first night since Mama and Dad left that Arthur wouldn’t sleep with us. It was just one night and I already miss him.

I slipped in to bed and reached over to the bedside table to continue the reading the book I started a few days ago. When suddenly Callum walked out from the bathroom with nothing but a black towel around his waist.

My brows furrowed when he walked up to the middle of the room and pressed the audio player on. I put the book over to my chest and couldn’t help but laugh when the song started playing. He sang along with the song as he does a macho dancer dance.

“I’m never gonna dance again. These guilty feet have got no rythm, though it’s easy to pretend. I know you’re not a fool…” He sang as he thrust his hips in the air.

“Cal!” My stomach began to hurt from laughing.

He hopped on to the bed and crawled his way towards me. He mounted on top of me, straddling my torso between his musculine legs.

“You’re crazy…” Natatawa at naiiling an sabi ko habang sumasayaw siya sa ibabaw ko.

“Unwrap your present, love.” He teasingly said, his gaze lowering to the towel around him.

I bit my bottom lip and my hand reached up to the top of the towel that was firmly wrapped around him. I slowly pulled it open and it fell from his waist, revealing his engorged manhood. My laugh died down as I looked at him, my eyes twinkling with passion. With the thought of what it did and could do to me.

I swallowed as I took him in my hand. I wrapped my fingers around his hardness and he groaned when I started stroking it. I gasped as I watched him grow harder in front of me and in my hand. Wanting a little taste of my husband, I lowered my mouth to him and took him in. I sucked the tip of him. He tasted of heady male musk with a hint of soap. Warmth infused my whole body when I heard his moan and every inch of my body tingled with awereness.

I swirled my tongue around him as my hand pumped up and down the base of his manhood. He held onto my head as I bobbed up and down him. He was warm, musculine and yet so gentle. He was familiar. My hand move in time with my mouth.

“Au, I’m going to blow if you keep doing that.” He harshly exhaled, pulling himself from my mouth. He dropped his body on top of mine and pinned my hands on top of my head, his head leveling to mine. He looked at me with eyes burning with desire. “I want to come inside you, love. Shoot so deep. I want you to feel my warmth and I want to feel your pussy clenching around me.”

His words made me shiver with anticipation. He had the right mixture of gentleness and lewdness, it turned me on even more. He yanked the blanket that covered me and stared down at my body.

His hand glided down my thigh and up the silk dress I was wearing. He cupped my sex, petting it for a little while before he pushed my panties aside and touched me. He touched me there while looking straight into my eyes. Those dark eyes intensified even more when a moan rose from my throat. He fondled my folds so slowly it made me quiver. He rubbed my own wetness around my clit, acting as a lubricant. I lifted my head up and locked my lips against his. Our tongues moved against each other as his fingers continued on. He pushed two fingers inside me while his thumb still rubbed my clit. He fingerfucked me until my whole body convulsed, my hips thrusted up in a fit of orgasm.

“Take the lead, love.” He gently said, shifting our position. “Do what feels right for you. I want you to learn.”

I was now on top of him, staring up at me with anticipation. I gupled, still clueless of what I should do. He took my hand and rested it on top of his chest as if guiding me to what I should do. I began to massage his chest and when I slowly grew comfortable. I lowered my head and left small kisses over his chest. He sucked in a breath when I took a nipple in my mouth. He raked his fingers through my hair and gently tightened on it. I gave the same attention to his other nipple, twirling and sucking on it.

“I can’t take it anymore, love. Fuck me.” He said.

I lifted my head up and scooted to his groin. I pulled my silk dress over to my head and threw it to the floor and then I took off my underwear. I held his hard manhood in my hands and lifted my body up. I positioned his penis against my opening and lowered myself on him. I felt wanton and wild. He made me feel so sensual and in control. In that instant, I finally knew I had nothing to fear because this body was made for him. It was all his. Sa kanya lang ako at ang katawan ko.

His hand went down my clit and he rubbed it as I moved up and down him.

“Love, I’m going to come…” He groaned after just a few thrust.

“Rub me harder. I want to come with you.” I told him.

He did as he was told. He pressed his finger harder, twisting and pulling at my clit with his two fingers and then I exploded into a blinding orgasm on top of him. He soon followed after and I felt his hot liquid gushing with so much intensity inside me.

I rested my body on top of his and we took out time to recovery from the frenzy. He played with my hair and traced his fingertips on my naked back.

“I love you, Audrey. God, how I love you.” He whispered. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I love you too, Cal.” I lifted my head up to gaze at him.

“Audrey…” He gently lifted me up from his body and got up from the bed. I watched as he headed to our closet. He had his pants hanged on the door of the closet and he took something out from it. A small box?

“Sit up, love.” He commanded and so I did.

He grinned standing next to the bed. “I know this isn’t the most romantic setting, we just made love and we’re both naked but I don’t give a damn anymore. I can’t wait another minute to ask this question to you again.”

He got on one knee beside the bed and held the small box in front of him.

“Audrey Francois, will you marry me again? Will you be my Mrs. Francois forever? I want to marry you over and over. In a thousand lifetimes and in a thousand universe, love, I will find you and I will marry you again and again.”

“Yes, Cal, a thousand yes.” Mangiyak-ngiyak na sabi ko. I jumped on him and we both laid on the floor laughing as happy tears ran down my cheeks.

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