Chapter Twenty Nine

The ambience in the bathroom was intimate and romantic. There were small lit candle around the tub where Callum sat in, the dim lights were the only lights that were turned on, there was a slow romantic music playing in the background.

He held his arm out to me, inviting me to join him in. I slowly took off my dress and let it fall to the ground. Then my bra and underwaer until I was left with nothing on. Callum’s dark eyer glinted with pure unadulterated passion as they grazed down my body. I slowly walked towards him and took his hand. He guided me as I stepped inside the tub.

“I want to make love to you, Audrey.” He pulled me to his body as I settled astride his hips, our sex touching each other. “I want you…”

Our lips lightly grazed upon each other. He pulled me to him, deepening our kiss. He dipped his tongue inside my mount and explored it. He teared his mouth from mine, his lips trailed down my neck and he began lightly sucking my sensitive fleshs as his hand went down between my legs. He found my clit and started playing with it with two fingers. He knew exactly where to touch me and what would make me go crazy.

This wasn’t as rough and wild as our usual lovemeking but I was starting to feel something now. This felt so good, normal, and natural. It wasn’t an attempt to erase memories of awful touches. This was making love.

Callum lowered his head to my breast and began suking it, his fingers dug inside me as his thumb continues playing with my clit. I closed my eyes and just felt every sensation he gave to my body. I welcomed them with abondon as he plunged his two fingers in and out of my wet mound. My hips started moving up and down on his hands, meeting his fingers thrust. While doing that, his lips moved from one of my breasts to the other. I could feel his tongue swirling around my nipple and flicking the very top of it.

“Cal…” I moaned his name, fingers tightening on his shoulders. “Cal, that feels so good. Faster. I want more. I want you inside me.”

He sucked on my breast harder and then added a third finger. I was on the verge of orgasm. I could feel a scream rising from my throat when his mouth tore away from my breast and he stopped fingering me. How I wanted to scream and cry out his name.

“Cal, please…” I breathed heavily.

“Touch me.” He panted, guiding my hand to his length.” Just touch me, Audrey. Let me show you’ve done.”

My fingers authomatically wrapped around him. He was thick and big and I could feel his veins pulsate with life against my skin. I started to move my hand slowly up and down, he groaned and crashed his lips against mine. I nestled against his thigh, stradding it. I strocked back and forth, grinding my aching sex against him to try to find relief.

“Yes, fuck my thigh.” He encouraged. “How does it feel, love?”
“Good.” I answered, humping his thigh harder as I continued moving my hand up and down his length.

“I want to feel good, Audrey. I want you to make yourself feel good.” He said, burying his face into the crook of my neck. “Have you ever pleasured yourself before?”

I slowly shook my head, feeling even hotter between my thighs.

“You’re such a good girl…” He shook his head abd then sighed. “I want you to explore your body. I want you to be afraid of anything it can do, okay?”

I nodded, biting my bottom lip.

“Come here.” He held me by the waist and pulled me to him with my back resting against his muscular chest. “You can stop whenever you feel uncomfortable.”

“Okay.” My voice came out as a squeak. I didn’t know why my heart was suddenly pounding hard against my ribs. He took my hand and brought it between my thighs and placed my palm on my sex.

“There’s no wrong or right way to pleasure yourself. Just do what makes you feel good.” He whispered breathlessly.

And so I did. I swallowed as I began moving my finger through my folds. I could feel Callum’s chest heaving in anticipation against my back and his manhood poking me while his hands squeezed my waist. My breath hitched when my fingers grazed my clit. This was my where it felt good the most.

“Callum…” A moan escaped my lips as I rubbed my nub. I leaned against his body, relaxing as pleasure took over me.

“Keep going, love. I want to see you come.” Callum hoarsely whispered in my ear. He brought my free hand to my breast and cuppred it there. I rubbed myself even faster, my hips thrusting high. My other hand started squeezing my braest. Callum held me by my jaw and turned my face to him. His lips were instantly on mine and I opened my mouth to him. His tongue thrust in again and tasted my mouth.

“I want you so bad it hurts.” He groaned into my mounth.

“I want you too, Cal.”

He lifted my hip up and slowly, he eased me down his manhood. I let out a satisfied exhale when I felt him slowly entering me.

“Don’t stop. Keep touching yourself for me.” He pushed me further down until he was all the way inside me. My lips parted, overwhelmed with the pleasure I felt. I was rubbing my clits while he was deep inside me. There were no words to explain how good and erotic this felt.

Callum began to lift my hips up and then he moved me down again. He impaled me soft at first but he soon picked up the pace. He bent me over the edge of the tub and positioned myself behind me. He thrust in and out of me with full force as he held on to my waist. All the while I was touching myself. The heat built up in my stomach and it was almost intolerable.

“You feel so good, love. I’m going to come. I’m going to come inside you…” He panted heavily.

“Yes Cal, please…” I said.

I felt the explosion inside me, both from his and mine. My body slowly relaxed as I came down from my climax and he collapsed back on the tub. He cuddled me in his arms and rested his head on my shoulder.

“That was amazing.” He left a soft kiss on my neck.

“Mmm…” I purred, agreeing.

“Stop taking pills so we could make Arthur a Kuya soon. We need a new member for our band.” He chuckled quietly.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You two would have to wait for at least nine months.”

“We don’t mind waiting. I hope our baby will be as cute and smart as his or her Kuya Arthur.”

I turned my head so I could look at him in the eye. “Cal, thank you for loving my son.”

“No, thank you for giving me a son. I don’t want you to ever see him as just yours. When I married you, he became my son too. He’s mine as much as he’s yours now, he won’t be any different from the children we’ll have in the future.”

“Oh Callum…” I turned my body to his so that I could embrace him.

“I am so excited kasi makikilala na ng teacher at classmates ko ang Dr. Callum ko at ang Ate Drey ko.” He said, swinging both our hands that’s was holding each of his. “They’re going to think I’m cool because I have a doctor and mushishan Kuya.”

“I’m starting to feel jealous, Arthur. Puro ka na lang Dr. Callum.” I faked a pout.

“I told them my Ate Drey takes care of the books in the book house. Some of my classmates like books.” He wrinkled his nose.

“Si Dr. Callum langyata ang love mo eh.” Kunwaring nagtatampong sabi ko.

“No. I love you and Dr.Callum.” Sabi niya.

“Sige nga, kung love mo si Ate Drey gie her your biggest and sloppiest kiss.” Callum lifted him up in his arms and he leaned over to me.

Arthur wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss with aloud smacking sound. “Mwah!”

“Sa lips din.” I said, puckering my lips.

He gave me a peck on the lips.

“I love you.” I told him. Every timeI say I love you to him, I mean it to bits. Those words weren’t just words for me. Arthur gave me the purest version of me by forgiving me and loving me despite all the things I did to him.

“I love you too Ate Drey.” He said.

“What about me? Don’t I get a kiss too? I’m startingto feel jealous too.” Callum joked.

I wrapped my arms around Callum’s waist and Arthur wrapped his around his neck. Sabay kaming humalik sa magkabilang pisngi niya. At that time, I really felt like we were a family. I could feel myself growingmore andmore attached tohim. Baka pagbalik ni Mama andDad mahirapan na akong ibalik sa kanila si Arthur. Iniisip ko pa lang na iiwan ko din siya parang pinipiga ang dibdib ko.

We were greeted by his teacher when we entered his classroom. Today was family day in Arthur’s school. Kagabi pa lang excited na excited na si Arthur at siya pa nga ang gumising sa amin ni Callum kanina. I was as excited because I’d get to be with him on his first family day.

“Sabi ni teacher, marami daw games at toys.” Arthur said and then turned his head to his teacher. “Di ba, teacher?”

“Of course. Kaya kailangan galingan niyo para manalo ka ng prizes.” His teacher smiled.

“I don’t really like frieses, teacher. I just want the toys.” He said.

Natawa kami sa sagot ni Arthur.

“No, not fries. Prize. Yung prize, yun yung makukuha mo kapagnanalo ka sa isang game.” Callum explained.

“Oh okay! I want frieses teacher!” He grinned.

“Oh you!” Ilaughed again and pushed some strands of his hair back. “Just do your best, okay? But always remember that even if you lose, you’re still the best for me.”

We were gathered at the school’s vast yard where the games and celebrations would be held. The two actively participated in the games. Tuwang-tuwa si Arthur ng manalo si Callum sa balloon dart, they got a lego set asa prize. After the game, they came up to me and I handed them each a bottle of water.

“Pawis na pawis ka.” Sabi ko habang pinupunasan ng towel si Arthur. “Magpahinga muna kayo dito. Take it easy Huwagmuna kayo sumali sa susunod na game.”

“But I want more prizes.” Arthur said.

“We’re going to take all the prizes, yeah?” Callum held out his hand for a high five, his chest heavily heaving up and down from running as he drank water.

“Yeah!” Arthur high-fived him.

“You need to eat first para may energy kayo ni Dr. Callum. Hindi kayo mananalo kapag gutom kayo. Biniliko kayo ng burger at hotdog.” Sabi ko.

I handed them the food I bought from the kiosk not far from here. Natuon ang atensyon ng dalawa sa pagkain. They gobbled it up like a monster.

“Hi!” A lady sat on the bleacher net to us and waved at us. “Ako nga pala si Rowena. I’m Jake’s Mom. Naaalala ko kasi itong batang ito. I always see him in the classroom,. Wala naman akong kilala dito at wala akong kausap kaya I hope you don’t mind if I sit next to you.”

“No, not at all. Nice to meet you Rowena. I’m Audrey and this is Arthur and my husband Callum.” Sabiko habang abala sa paghuhubad ng top ni Arthur. His shirt was already wet with sweat. Buti na lang nagdala ako ng ilang extrang damit para sa dalawa. Now, I understand why Mama had to bring a whole bag full of clothes every family day. I had a Dad and a two brothers and guys sweat a lot, especially when they’re active.

“Hello, Jake’s Mom.” Arthur waved at her while he chewed on his burger. Sinuotan ko siya ng bagong t-shirt pagkatapos ko siyang lagyan ng powder.

“Hi cutie. Bakit hindi ka sumali sa game? Nandun si Jake o, kasama Daddy niya.” She pointed at her son.

“Sa next game magjojoin kami ni Dr. Callum. Di ba, Doctor?” He turned his head to Callum who was busy with his hotdog sandwich.

“Oo naman. We’re going to win.” He confidently said.

“Ang cute naman ng mag-ama mo. Hawig mo pero mas kamukha ng Daddy.” Rowena chuckled.

My gaze lifted at Callum and Arthur. Nagtama ang tingin namin ni Callium. Maybe it was because of their dark hair I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to correct Rowena. Itjust felt so good that someone would mistake us as a family and Callum as Arthur’s Dad.

“Hey Arthur, let’s go I thinkthe leg race is about to start.” Callum swiftly picked Arthur up in his arms.

“Teka, hindi pa kayo tapos sa food niyo. Magpahinga muna-“ I sighed and shook my head. Wala na akong nagawa kunghindi panoorin ang dalawa pabalik sa field.

“Boys.” Rowena rolled her eyes and laughed. “Ganyan din ako. I can’t keep up with my son and my husband. Minsan magtataka ka kung saan sila kumukuha ng energy.”

“So true.” I agreed. “Ilang taon na ang baby mo?”

“He’s turning four soon.” Rowena answered. “Eh yung sayo?”

“Magfofour na din.”

We chatted as I watched Callum and Arthur participate in another game. Isang beses pa sila nanalo sa game. Pagkatapos ng games ay nagkaroon ng talent show at hindi din nahiya ang dalawang musician ko na sumali. Callum played the guitar while Arthursanga The Beatles song. I felt so proud watching my two boys as they performed in front of the huge audience. Iwas the proudest mother and I was sure I had the loudest clap in the crowd. When the song ended. They did not win, they got the second place. Pero tuwang-tuwa pa rin ang dalawa at nakapag perform sila sa harap ng maraming tao. I kept telling them how proud I was.

“This is the happiest day of my life. I got to sing in front of a lot of people and everyone clapped for us.” He just couldn’t stop talking about the talent show. It was the highlight of the day. Kahit ngayon nakahiga na siya sa kama.

“You were so good. I am so proud of you.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Someday, you’ll get to perform in front of bigger crowd. A crowd as far as the eyes could see.” Callum slid inside the blanket and lay next to him.

“Yeah. And I want you and Ate Drey to be there so you can watch me.”

“We’ll be there. We’ll always be here for you, Arthur. Nandito lang ako para umalalay sayo.” I stroked his hair.

“Pag bumalik na sina mama at Daddy, aalis nakayo.” His lips pouted. “You’ll go back to America tapos hindiko na kayo mahuhug at makikiss.”

“We’ll try to visit every once in a while.” I could hear the shakiness in Callum’s voice.

“How many more mornings do we have?” He yawned, his lids getting heavier.

“Nine…” I quietly answered, my throat constricting. I could feel the time I had with him slipping off my fingers. They were like water in cupped hands, I couldn’t hold on to it no matter how hard I tried.

“Why you and Dr. Callum just stay?” He asked in a sleepy murmur. I didn’t have to answer his question because he’d already fallen asleep before I could even open my mouth. I lowered my head down to give him a kiss on the cheek and I stayed there to inhale his scent.

I wished there was some way I could preserve his scent. Para kahit malayo na ako sa kanya, maaamoy ko pa rin ito. He smelled of everything beautiful and innocent. I wanted to etch in my memory the feel of his soft, warm skin against mine so I could just have to close my eyes and go back to this moment whenever I miss him. I had to let go of him to live a normal, happy life.

Callum gave me a kiss on the forehead and he did the same to Arthur.

“What do you mean you’re here in the Philippines?” I woke up to the sound of Callum’s voice. I slowly lifted my head up and looked at his space next to Arthur. It was empty. I turned my head and saw the open sliding door to the balcony.”

Dahan-dahan akong bumaba sa kama at lumapit doon. I wanted to check if he was alright. I saw him holding a phone to his ears as he paced back and forth, agitated.

“Damn you! Bakit kailangan mo akong sundan dito? Why can’t you just wait for me to get back?” He could barely control the anger in his voice. “You fucking bastard, don’t you dare Raven! Don’t you fucking dare! Just stay away from me. Hindi ka pwedeng lumapit sa akin. I will kill you if you go anywhere near my family! Huwag mo akong subukan. Kalilimutan ko na anak ka ng kapatid ko.”

“Callum…” I walked into the balcony.

He almost dropped his phone when he sawme. He pressed the end button and put his phone down.

“Audrey.” He blinked. “How long have you been there?”

“Sino yung kausap mo?”

“Si Raven, my sister’s son.” He massaged his nape and shook his head. “I’m close to giving up on him. He’s a hopeless case.”

“Nandito siya sa Pilipinas?” I asked, folding my arms over to my chest.

“Yeah.” He coldly shrugged his shoulders.

“He’s your family. Why do you want him to stay away from you? Bakit parang galit ka sa kanya? May problema ba kayo?” I asked.

His eyes shot up ,his iris turned the blackest I’d ever seen. “You don’t know Raven. He wreaks havoc wherever he goes Ayaw ko lang madamay kayo sa kung anumang katarantaduhan ang gawin niya.”

I slowly nodded my head and I wrapped my arms around his waist. He embraced his arms around me and gaze down at me.

“I love you Audrey.”

“I love you too.” I tiptoed giving him a kiss on the lips. “Let’s go back to sleep. Baka magising pa si Arthur.”

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  1. Bakit feeling ko si raven ang ng rape? Tapos alam lang ni callum kaya siya malapit Kay Arthur kc apo o kadugo niya ito kaya nasabi ni Rowena na mas kamukha ni callum ang bata ….. diba nga magkamukha sina raven at callum height lang halos pinagkaiba.


  2. PLOT FUCKING TWIST: si callum talaga ama ni arthur. may kinalaman siya sa gang rape kay audrey. ayoko namang sabihin na kasama siya sa nang rape sakanya pero di mo maiiwasang isipin.. .


  3. I hve doubt raven is one of rapist audrey.. tpos pinagtakpan ni callum … …o ghadd …. bka he revenge audrey fmily …. bcoz of wat hppn to his mother …..


  4. Your hiding something Callum.. From your words “THANK YOU” naghihinala nq na xa ang rapist ni Audrey plus madagdagan pa ng comment ni Rowena at sobrang malapit cla Arthur at Callum sa isat isa. May something e.


  5. I have a feeling na parang sila ni raven yung ng rape kay,aundrey. Kasi bat parang sobrang takot siyang mgpakita to sa knya.tapos ayon kay rowena mgka mukha si callum at arthur,huhuhu hndi sya yun😭😭 wag nman sana hahahaha


  6. Aww.. why i have this feeling na si Callum nga ang totoong ama ni baby Arthur dahil sa sinabi ni Rowena? Im so confused now, excited na po akong malaman ang katotohanan.


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