Phoenix Cordova

Hi guys, I decided to post Phoenix Cordova on my blog because a lot of people are having problems with reading it on wattpad since it was set on private.

This is the raw, unedited version of PC. It is VERY different from the book as this is the first ever story I’ve ever finished. This was written a long time ago. Do expect inconsistencies and errors in this version. Don’t judge me hahaha


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10 thoughts on “Phoenix Cordova

  1. Omg i’ve probably read this so many times and i wanted to re-read it again pero di ko ma basa sa wattpad and im so thankful that u posted it here ate rain salamaaaaat ❤️


  2. Hello po Miss Rain kailan nyo po iuupdate ung SWMR hehehe gusto ko po kase ulit siyang basahin kaya lang wala na po pala sa wattpad


  3. Hello Ms. Author, I have read SWMR a lot of times and gusto ko pong basahin ulit. Kelan nyo po ipopost yung complete chapters? Hehe thank you! 😘


  4. Eto un nbs ko tlga ee naadik aq kbbsa…kya inbngn ko tlga un mga stories ng ank nila….

    Ps:my update n po ulit sa kwento ni miggy(miguel cordova))
    Thnkyou…more power ms rain…and more stoiries…


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